Cannon Fodder. Anyone remember that game?

Live instrumentation is the way of the walk. A few posts back i reviewed The ArtOfficial album, Fist Fights & Foot Races. I eulogised then about the wonders of what The Roots used to do best (that's right). Kaboom is a slightly rockier outing than Fists Fights & the varied tempo of the album keeps things interesting. There are droplets of harmonies & spoken word in here too from MC Eze Jackson (nice name). He & the other 4 members of the group create great soundscapes for Eze to ride on. As for my personal standouts on this one. The smooth Jazz Rock stylings of Dilapidated Buildings & the multi guitar driven Soul Slammin', are my favs. But a special mention has to go to Get Serious & the Lit fuse that is Phrases. Definately money well spent. Peep the taster then give em a heads up on their myspace

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