Lightening Bolt

What a ridiculously gifted talent this guy is. And before anyone asks, i do not for one second believe that Usain Bolt is in any way artificially enhanced. That 200m meter run was almost as unbelievable as it was mesmerising. After his showboaty (?) antics in the 100m, i reckon his coach among other people, made him realise just how close he is to greatness. Michael Johnsons 200m record is arguably the greatest world record in track & field. For Usain to beat it the way he did was phenomenal & there is an obvious case for it not being broken again by anyone other thatBolt himself. When he does hang up his gold Pumas (he is still only 21) I would bet that no one else will beat it again for another 20 to 30 years. Michael Johnson had a unique running style & knew how to maximise it. Usain is a 6' 5'' powerhouse who has a great coach who through years of training has engrained a coheision in his running. To get that kind of leg speed from that long a stride has to be a one in 20 million, let alone 1 million. My favourite moment from the Olympics so far was Bolt's 200m semi-final run. Shawn Crawford (200m champion from the last olympics) was running flat out to qualify. Bolt was jogging alongside him while looking Crawford in the face. I nearly fell out of my chair with laughter.

On a downer Heptathlon silver medalist Lumila Blonska has tested positive for banned substances for the second time. She has the cheek to smile & jump for joy while collecting her medal knowing full well what she was doing to get there. Although sometimes you can never be sure, it was a bit of a gieaway when after the final Heptathlon event, She was celebrating by herself while everyone else was busy giving eachother hugs & high fives.

I only hope that the greatest sporting spectacle onearth is remembered for the Bolt's of this world & not for the Blonska's.

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