his Braydz are like a shield of.... Iron

Thare are always those albums that, when details of its inception emerge, are always highly anticipated by those in the know. Iron Braydz' Devil May Cry is one such album. His work as one half of Blind Alphabetz is, rightly critical acclaimed but upon doing his own thing, Braydz has taken things up a notch with what he has put together here. The opening track, Devils Death Day, is such a storming, atmospheric opening, that as it fades into the background you're left hoping that the albums pinnacle hasn't already been reached. Yes the pinnacle is reached but more importantly, it is sustained almost for the albums entirety. But let's be honest, any album that involves Chemo, M9 and Cyrus Malachi is always going to be one to grab. The fact is Braydz execution of his debut is a superb example of why those detractors of UK Hip Hop need to dig a little deeper before they make their misguided judgements.

p e a c e

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