I am this review while trying to get over a mean spirited chest infection that just will not go away. The extra strong cup of ginger tea sitting next to me is my 3rd cup today and the taste seems to get worse with each gulp. The empty tub of celebrations chocolate now masquerading as a spit bucket -complete with tissues- isn't a pretty sight either. Plus my Guinea Pig keeps giving me worrying looks everytime I cough. But the (soon to be) new release currently under my spotlight is providing me with some West Africa inspired aural relief. Richy Pitch stayed in Ghana for 2 years and Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch is the outcome. Hip Hop, Uptempo Grooves, Ragga and Dubstep are all given an African Rhythm injection and the result is -to borrow a word from my current physical condition- infectious. I dare anyone not to move their hips or shake their arse/ass while this album is bumping in the background. I simply couldn't stop myself. The whole album is a spirited immersion of all the catchy, groove inspired aspects of the urban tinged genres. Its melodic backing is superb in its under the radar simplicity while the bouncy percussion just implores you to hit the extra bass button. Originality is second nature here and it has to be said that the guest list, most of whom I have admittedly never heard of, are not merely making up the numbers. M.anifest being an obvious example on the albums first single, Black Star but everyone shines and I would expect to see many of these names on future projects. But this albums best quality? It's feel good factor. At only 3 tracks deep my mood had risen from gloom to boom and I temperarily forgot all about my not-so-well being. The uplifting vibe of the album is immense. And not only is that a testament to Richy's production skills but also to the country that helped him create this wonderfully inventive album. Ye Fre Mi Richy Pitch is available at all reputable download sites and music stores on 7th June.

p e a c e

edit: track removed by request. sorry Richy... forgive me?

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