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Krate Krusaders - Bootlegs and Beatapes

OHHHHHHHH EMMMMMMMM GEEEEEEEEEE! Just finished listening to the Krate Krusaders latest creation. Bootlegs & Beat Tapes is a remixathon of awesome proportions. Many of the best of British are present. Jehst, Yungun, Phi Life Cypher, Tommy Evans, Taskforce, Kyza, Clarity, Rodney P, Lewis Parker and more are all accounted for. Plus with Badhabitz bring that staple KK Boom Bap diet (for free) thre is no excuse to sleep on this one. I have left some tasty tidbits for the good people to sample. You saw it here first (cheers 1 step). Enjoy!

Phi-Life Cypher: Cordless Mics at 20 Paces

Jehst: Alchaholic Author

Tommy Evans & Yungun: Silent Mobius

Krate Krusaders presents Bootlegs & Beat Tapes

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