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What the people say about Elzhi’s Elmatic

“People called Nas the new Rakim and before that, Rakim was hailed as the Melle Mel… Fortunately, I never had to sit thru Nas’s version of Follow The Leader or Rakim’s version of The Message. Not that they wouldn’t have been dope, but I just think there’s a line between honoring what came before and being derivative. I guess because all these cats are from my era and I’m old enough to lap eras, this feels a little unnecessary. Maybe I’d feel different if I had a couple of solo Elzhi albums before this.”

“This is dope, my only complaint is I wish he didn’t switch the original beats up. If it had the original beats this would be incredible, I just think that kind of made this lose a couple of points considering it’s an ode to Illmatic.”

“So happy he switched the beats up…. Illmatic is hot but we’ve heard it. Time for something. Also Ill-Matic tributes are dead. Didn’t Fashawn do a whole illmatic mix about a year ago. Stop switching up the album.”

“Listened once and deleted it. I'm not able to listen to this without thinking about Nas rhymes, they just stuck in my head over the years.”

“This is just amazing. words fail me…”

“Still not happy about this project, spent way too much time on it. The Preface was also better, his flow was a lot more natural back then, it sounds so fucking forced on Elmatic. Like he tried to bring the same cadence and delivery as Nas. He doesn't sound as confident as he did on his other releases.”

“The Preface was an album. An album that was lazily put together. Most of those tracks were from Europass. Everyone was disappointed by that album....except you I guess. This is a mixtape. Don't compare the two. By far this is the hardest thing out.”


“Simply the best lyricist in hip-hop.His rendition of half-time is better than Nas’.Though his Detriot state of mind is brilliant Nas’ version remains untouchable.Its simply a cardinal sin that people don’t give this musical genius the respect he deserves.Keep doing it for the real hip-hop heads E!!”

“His rendition of “The World Is Yours” is a work of art and dare I say musically better than the original. This is amazing stuff.”

“Breathtaking. Stupefying. Enlightening. Incomparable. It’s a tragedy more people don’t know his name. Elzhi is an inspiration.”

“Nas has to be somewhere smilin right about now. Elzhi is a special MC, some are just born with it...he just happens to be one of them. He never waists a precious bar. Never heard of Will Sessions til this mixtape, but they did a hell of a job!”

“nice idea but i would rather hear him on his own shit payin homage is cool but he his own man,this nigga is a true rhymer tho!good effort!”

“first time i'm heard of him but i can say detroit got a winner. much respect. just when i thought hip hop is really dead”

“what the fk is that shit elzhi ? my god another great rapper with a weak arse mix tape”


“The whole Elmatic album is a shoddy rewrite, is there anything original in his head? Fair play it would be rad if his was made first. It's unfortunate so many people are impressed by this kareoke artist. Head to head, I prefer Illmatic, no question. That's the one' is the best of Elzhi in my opinion. Elzhi is off the shelf. Black Milk is crafted by spirits!”

“Yo, as one of the biggest Nas fans out there, this is pretty incredible. Both Elzhi and Will Sessions did their thing on this one. Much respect.”

“This nigga aint original. Uses nas beats AND concepts. Make your OWN classics. Epic fail elzhi leave illmatic alone. Have you seen nas live? He uses live band when he play his illmatic joints. So nice try elzhi nas been doin it for yrs. Nothing new here. I stick with the 94 release”

“Incredible album. El did it justice, which I thought was damn near impossible before I downloaded it.”

“Gotta give it a 5. Peace to Nas!!! Peace to real rap niggas like ELZeeeezzzzyyyy!!!!!!”

“It's a tribute to one of the illest albums, in my opinion, that's ever touched hip-hop. It's my love letter to 'Illmatic' and it's me just showing love and showing the youth that may not have heard of 'Illmatic' to go out and check it out." –ELZHI-

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