Ear Sweat Drops

Take a bunch of (very talented) mc’s and producers, combine them with great ideas and a creative work flow that equals that of pretty much every great artist in their prime and you get Ear Sweat.
Ear Sweat Drops is something of a rarity; it’s a compilation, of varied mc’s with varied styles that actually works on a whole. Unable to skip a track I was mesmerised by each beat, verse, flow and then some. The beats bang, the rhymes are original and each individual contribution to this project is a rigid testimonial to the fact that everything about hip hop can be and is still great.
The mc’s all follow suit, each one is a hard act to follow, yet they all seem to succeed in holding suit and everyone maintains that quality of sound. Clever rhymes, the head nods for the duration of each and every track. 
From Optimals quick-fire multi syllabic rhymes to Lakais smart social every-day-able-to-relate-to observations  to  G-Owens fantastical daydream sing-rap head nod beautifulness. From the power of Charades brag-spit-im-the-illest type flows to  Kye’s mind spinning imaginative concepts , on which the build-up to The Ogre is ingenious.
The music here operates on so many levels and that’s what it is, music, not just uninspired loops and drum machines. Not just another hip hop crew but rather a collective of great minds who know how to please the ears.


Silverpawdragonsong said...

Yo! Green Hornet!!!
I was at that Album Release Party at MU After Dark. Those guys were unbelievable live, and I can't get enough of "bass" and "The Ogre" (yes, I bought a cd).

Great review, man.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Green Hornet!!! I was at the Album Release party, and saw these guys live...unbelievable energy. I can't get enough of "Bass" and "The Ogre" (yes, I bought this cd).
Great review, man. Please post on the blog if they will be there anytime soon. I wanna catch them again.