my 8th great listen of 2012


This I of course my first year doing my 'great listens' segment. But had I done this during previous years I can assure you that brother Ali would have been include with every one of his albums. Mourning In America & Dreaming In Color' is probably his easiest entry which, when you consider the greatness that makes up this mans back catalogue, is something substantial indeed. For the most part MINADRC carries the same energy as Ali's previous, Ant produced efforts. There is an obvious synergy between BA and Jake One, however, with tracks like Mourning In America and Need A Knot taking him places that, sonically, he hasn't been before on an album. The mans rhymes skills and substance I not in question and neither is his previous, atmospheric (geddit?) work but hearing him over these beats has pushed 'Mourning...' in front of the rest. Which by default puts it among my favourites of 2012.

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