operation beat down


It may be an instrumental but there is no mistaking how Funky DL gets down. Give these a listen & support if you want some niceness for your rhymes. Enjoy!

Funky DL – Hard To Beat: Instrumentals

i haven’t had a double sausage mcmuffin for ages!

I was about to start this little ditty with the words ‘Verb T is back’ but seeing as he was never really away that statement doesn’t really hold water (anyone who has been picking up his ultra cheap series of EP’s can testify to that). However it has been a while since his name was attached to a full album. The Morning Process puts that to an end and this is the clip for the lead single of the same title. Leaf Dog’s on the beats and doesn’t disappoint. Keep the 1st day of October in your diary/calendar/reminder app. Enjoy!

scary movie

He;s back! World Renowned DJ Vadim returns with his latest long player, ‘Don’t Be Scared’. Pugz Atoms, Heidi Vogel and Sabira Jade are among those invited along for the ride. Having been blessed enough to have received a promo i am still not sure quite what genre to place it in. there is a definite dub step vibe on some tracks but there is a lot more to the album than that. A definite keeper as far as i’m concerned. gGt your fix on 01.11.2012. Peep the clip.

he’s on a long ting


Klashnekoff (i’m not down with the ‘K-Lash ting myself) is back! And this time he’s sponsored by DJ Whoo Kid (which means there better be a tagless version). The full tape is out next week but here is a sampler for those of you that can’t wait. I’m not actually sure that i’m allowed to post this but it is a sampler so i’ll take my chances. Enjoy!

Klashnekoff – FTLT sampler

The policeman who hugs his suspects is certainly breaking the mould

Definition of mould


  • 1a hollow container used to give shape to molten or hot liquid material when it cools and hardens.

what a wonderful world


This time it’s Stevie’s turn to receive the sample treatment. Funky DL has gone with Mr. Wonder for his latest sample lead outing by way of this freEP. Both of his Amy Winehouse projects were superb and ‘Sometimes I Have To Wonder’ doesn’t buck the trend. Enjoy!

Funky DL – Sometimes I Have To Wonder

a branch of sorts (or oooh what a lovely pair!)



For £3.00 we find Sonnyjim taking his vocal dexterity to a place where, in parts, he hasn’t taken it to before (‘Fully Charged’). Thanks to the beats put forward by the malleable beatsmith Wizard, Jim is in supreme form here. Its just a shame that they only go 6 tracks deep. But at such a low price we can’t have everything now can we. Enjoy!

Sonnyjim & Wizard – The Executive Branch

we don’t know how to stop

I loved everything about London 2012. The spirit created around it by the fans and volunteers was something to behold up close. Plus Team GB did very, very well. Superb!

Kista Featuring Cappo - Livewire Feedback

Cappo. Nuff Said.

my 7th great listen of 2012….


... Is not a Hip Hop album at all. I was into Drum and Bass and Jungle before Hip Hop (believe it or not). Netsky's '2' fuses both of these and other genres to create one of the best dance albums of recent times. A varied bouncy journey with a nostalgia trip thrown in, I can't remember the last time I snapped my neck so consistently at such a high tempo for for such an extended period. This guys a blinkin' genius (say it with a cockney swagger)! Time for some serious back catalogue mongering (legally of course). Peep the clip after the break…

Rhymeskeemz I Do This (DLHTV)

Simply lovely. Rhymeskeemz drops some rawness for ya ears. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

i love my blue suede puma’s


Even more from Sonnyjim. This time it’s an EP with June25thbeatz. It’s all work work work with Jim but when the results are this good who cares! £3.00 isnt too much to ask either plus there’s more after the break. Enjoy!

Sonnyjim & June25tghbeatz – Snap Frost & Suede Season

eye know


A little Ramson freeness to get you in the zone for his soon to be unleashed album. 27th August is the day of reckoning. Enjoy!

Ramson Badbonez – They Will Never Know (single)