Carlos (TEV)ez is a Great Player!!!

TeV '95's long awaited instrumental album "Powerful Muzik" has finally been released! 21 tracks of original never heard instrumentals. This album plays straight through with no gaps and it is a must hear an have for any MC. 

While "Powerful Muzik" is mostly a soulful sample based instrumental album, there are also up beat club bangers and tracks with techno and trance sounds. "Powerful Muzik" begins with a narrative by TeV'95 himself introducing the album and leaks in to a haunting DEA voicemail over a jazz beat asking TeV to self surrender himself to the DEA. 

There are lot of ill beats on this album. "Powerful Muzik" uses witty vocal samples of Hiphops fallen soldiers such as Biggie, Tupac, and Big L. Some of my favorites include: "Another Day" (the single), "Gettin Paid" (with an ill Tupac sample), and Computer Love (a tecky club beat).

We got a chance to speak to TeV '95 himself here's what he had to say:

"Im putting this instrumental album for free for the people! And every beat on here is powerful, so I had to name it Powerful Muzik for the People. A lot of producers don't put out their beats, they want to sit on them and see who they can sell it to. That aint my plan. I'ma put this out there and real Hiphop dudes is gonna recognize Im really bout this Hiphop shit! I dont sweat the bootleggers or the thieves cause that only gives me more exposure. Eventually it will come back around. If the people like what they hear and wanna use these beats then they will holla at me and purchase the tracks or hire me to do some more shit. I got 1000's of beats! 

I just want people to get to know me TeV'95 who I am and what I do. I've been down here in Miami and me and my peoples have worked with Pitbull, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross and all that. But I dont think the people have got a chance to get to know me personally, as a producer and as songwriter. I got a lot to say through my music. I'm bout real music not this bulshit we've been hearing lately. I can do commercial, I can do street but its always gonna be Powerful and from the heart."

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