Hey Kids!!!

Prince Paul, Chali 2na, Wordsworth, Ladybug Mecca, Scratch & Ursula Rucker, team up for what is the best way to introduce the kids to this world that is hip hop. To top it off the entire cd is full of life lessons & positive messages for your children to absorb. Its all lighthearted & fun yet i still found my self nodding my head to most of the tracks on there. The tracks are simple, short & sweet so as not to sap the kiddies attention span & the rhymes are easy for them to get into and remember. Chali 2na has always had a cartoonish quality to his voice & as T-Rex he's easily the best character. Having Ursula Rucker as narrator was genius, her voice is perfect for the job. This is a superb idea which is engaging & fun for any 2 to 6 year old. This is the type of thing that only hip hop can do. Apart from the nursary rhymes themselves i can't see any other genre pulling this kind of idea off this well. Be sure to check the site for for some freeness for the kids to enjoy. And the best thing is my princess loves it.

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