Frankly, This Pisses Me Off

So as usual the Police Service (when are you gonna go back to being a Force to be reckoned with) get it wrong again. Amy Winehouse, was caught on video smoking Crack. But because of a legal loophole she has been let off the hook. The police couldn't tell from the tape if Amy was doing Cocaine or Speed (which is Class B) so she wasn't charged. I have no problem with amy wasting her life away. If she wants to do that it's up to her. i do have a problem with the police for not actually charging her and the government for its appalling stance on drugs in this country. If using a class B drug is an offence, surely she would've been charged but she wasn't charged at all. My little girl sings Amy's songs & i'll be damned if i let her use Amy as a role model in life. But the supposed upholders of the law in this country should be setting an example for our kids by making an example of those in the public eye that openly flout the law.

Look at the pictutre above. When Frank first dropped about 4 or so years ago I was singing Amy's praises, both for her looks & her talent. Amy's singing voice is phenomenal but it was barely getting a mention outside of RnB circles until Mark Ronson jumped on board & Salaam Remi stepped his game up. All those who have said that she can't carry a james bond theme only need listen to, Love Is A Losing Game & they will soon change their tune. However, this girl should not get the honour of adding her name to a legendary list when she is only in the newspapers these days for doing the wrong thing. If all the reports are true, Britney Spears is now back on her A game & i have no doubt that at some point, Amy has to realise the full consequences of her actions & do the same. If that means she needs to be charged & punished for breaking the law to do so, then so be it.

Like it or not, people in the public eye are role models for our kids. There every word & action are worshipped by some & reveared by others. The more criminal element of our society are a different proposition altogether. But it's no coincidence that the over materialism of todays society coincides with the rise of the b-list celebrity culture. People live in a house for a couple of months & think that they deserve fame & fortune. There was a time when a celebrity actually had to be good at something & not simply alledge to sleeping with a famous footballer (soccer player) or other personality. People are spending themselves into severe debt & bankruptcy simply because there need to keep up with the latest WAG must have purchases. They way things are right now, future generations are gonna be even worse that we are.

I don't want to hear shit like 'i never asked to be a role model'. How Dare You! You wanted to be a star & you wanted to be famous. Therefore you must take responsibility for what goes with that status. Some of you do & i applaud the work that some of you do for your communities. The ones that don't need to check them selves. Those of them that regard the law as your own personal Cool-O-Meter need the law to give them the punishment they deserve. Not only for their own good but for the good of our future society as a whole.

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Aidan said...

The guy on the radio news said something like...'the police cant be sure whether the powder is cocaine or talcum powder'. WHAT? Do i even have to go into the fact that who would snort/smoke a club...when they are a known addict?!
Just get her sorted!