The End Of The World News (not that bad but i'm still pissed off)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Bloody hell, I watching the news I have just realised just how much some people never learn. Story after story about UK government ministers & officials wasting my hard earned tax contributions on their '2nd' homes, travel expenses & X-Rated movies, keep on hitting the headlines. Everytime the same old excuse is used as a defence. 'I was within the rules' or aome variation of, is probably the most used sentence of a press release in recent times. Don't these people get it yet, that it's within the rules is neither here nore there when the rule itself is fundamentally designed for MP's to take the piss. Therse people have been doing that for years & we will never know the full extent of the issue, simply because if it came out the public perception of the politician (already a f$£%@d up one) would be irreprably damaged.

If you use your sisters spare bedroom 3 days a week to commute to & from work, whilst the other 4 are spent in your 'other' home with your husband sleeping next to you & your kids just across the landing, the spare room is NOT your main home. If you decide to hire your wife & kids to work for you part time & pay them more than most of the average population earn for full time work, this is NOT simply a competitive salary. If you buy porn movies online on a friday night alone while your wife is at 'work' & refuse to dip into your own pocket, this is NOT a work related expense.

This is not about abusing the rule, this is about the rule being an abuse. I cannot believe that in the current climate that this is actually taking place. Gordon brown travelled the world recently & while these things were going on & people were questioning the wisdom of his actions. The £700 Billion ($1 Trillion) secured for the current global situation during the G20 summit has more than justified the expenditure. This is the kind of spending that I expect my tax to be spent on. Gordon, to his credit, has said that he wants this rule sorted out quickly. Not quickly enough as far as i'm concerned.

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