i'm not Suicidal

When an MC's major release is as short on time as Suicide Music is, setting the right tone is probably the best way to win over the listener. That being said, i'm still yet to decide if L.E.G.A.C.Y achieves this. Yet, when taken in context with the rest of the album, it fits like a glove. The concept & execution of the album as a whole is second to none. Some of the musings found on SM are typical of todays MC but more importantly they are typical of todays human beings. L.E.G's triumph is that he easliy uses these views & weaves them in with the more macabre final thoughts of his album persona. You could almost call each track an argument for or against the final outcome. Yet for all that to work, just the right atmosphere is need to sow it all together & Khrysis duly obliges. In my view this is easily his best work behind the boards. We all know that the man can make bangers but that isn't all that was needed here. His beats are either thumping, sombre, leftfield or dark in all the right places (which also says something about the albums arrangement). Even if this album creation was simply a case of I make beats you spit over them, the key is, that is not what is conveyed to the listener. It is quite simply put together too well for that to be the case. Now I know that stringing this kind of concept out would go against it, but my only gripe is the length of the album. Not neccessarily the number of tracks, but the length of the tracks themselves. With an average of under 3 minutes, everything is over before you know it. Maybe thats part of how it's all supposed to feel given the overhanging theme. But regardless, as you may have guessed, what the album lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality. Ignore this at your own risk,

p e a c e

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