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I've just finished listening to one of my favourite releases of the year so far (Percy Filths Elbow Grease EP) & its suddenly struck me that the level of respect for the UK MC/Producer has risen dramatically in the last year or two. Or is it the case that the level of respectability has always been the same and its the internet that is bringing everybody together? But the internet been around for far longer than this sudden spate of togetherness. The lines could have been blurred long ago yet apart from 1 or 2 exceptions, it didn't happen. Bare in mind we are not talking about the Jay-Z's or Kanyes of this world (and no, Chris Martin doesn't count) but the 'underground' fraternity. I read on some blog reply recently (I forget where) that we over here are simply riding the Dick of our US counterparts (I left out or replaced all the other explitives). 10 or maybe even 5 years ago I might have agreed. But due in no small part, to the calibre of MC that was being churned out across the pond, my mic/MPC wielding peers have been forced to up there game. As a result, the level of our game over here has risen drastically. The UK MC we can revere are now commonplace, while British Beatsmiths worthy if the title can be found in any back alley studio from Dorset to Dundee and everywhere in between. My little collection of tracks, both new and not so new is the pudding that holds the truth. Enjoy! Now let's just hope that our government can show the same level of improvement as our MC.

p e a c e

  1. Jazz T – BX To UK feat. Tim Dog & Kashmere
  2. M9-Soul Windows feat. Cyrus Malachi & Bronze Nazareth
  3. Dom G-Reflections feat. Zion I
  4. Klashnekoff- Terrorise The City feat. Kool G Rap & Kyza
  5. Verb T & Last Skeptik-No More feat. Edo G
  6. Diversion Tactics – Pounds & Cents feat. J-Zone
  7. Evil Ed & Conspicuous Ill Out feat Shabaam Sahdeeq, Jehst, Dubbledge & LIFE Long
  8. A-Alikes – Treeman (beat by Baby J)
  9. Sonny Jim – International treasure feat. Verbal Kent
  10. Scholarman & Jonesy – Well Suited
  11. Harry Love – Fine line feat. Saukrates
  12. Jehst-Staircase To Stage feat. J-Zone
  13. The Blacknificent 7-The Exit feat. Masta Ace
  14. Foreign beggars-Let Go feat. Wildchild
  15. Nomadic Poet-Stand Up feat. Granddaddy I.U.
  16. Steady Diggin’ Workshop-Rock Y’all feat. Ohmega Watts
  17. Ty-This Here Music feat. Speech
  18. Blind Alpabetz-Hopeful feat. M1 of Dead Prez
  19. KRS-One – U Must Learn UK feat. Skinnyman, Paradise & MCD

CSF presents Divided We FalL

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