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I recently wrote a piece that I am still unsure whether to post or leave behind. Their is a part of that piece where I acknowledge the relatively recent pool of talent that makes up the current crop of UK Hip Hops bold and brave. I remarked on impending decisions for some of our great and good. It seems that with his 2nd effort, Micall is intent on grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns. Such is the crisp, sharp quality and execution of this album that you have to wonder how all of these producers are still only well known figures in Hip Hops underworld. Parky the MC is still the working mans champion. Lines like "I've come so far, I'm a man with a plan I ain't no rap star; I'm a man with a fam I ain't got no car, its my wife who can drive all I got is bars" are a testimony to what the man is about.No gimmicks, no banter, just real world lyrics with out of this world production. The engineer also deserves his props as the whole package is superbly mixed. Oh and having your son tell us not to 'bootleg my dads cd' is genius (as is the Erick Sermon inspired hook on Holdin' It Down). UK stand up!!!

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