Bohe Selecta!!!

Front Cover

Emperor Bohe (i’m pronouncing it Bo, hence the title of this post) has put together a soul driven piece of superbness. Now I haven’t seen this poated anywhere else aprt from his myspace… and that, is a damn shame as I believe this deserves an awful lot more attention than that. The Emperor is also a part of ths Bench Mob that have more than a few bits of top notch noiceness on my humble pages. Go find them too. Enjoy!

1) Fantastic Prelude
2) Back To My Next Problem (Feat. Checka Fred)
3) The Fantastic (Feat. The Bench Mob)
4) Rainbow Vision (Feat. Sean Wyze)
5) Just A Silly Phase/Not In Love
6) The Fish (Feat. Youngs)
7) You’ll Be Seeing Me (Feat. Lyrick)
8) Liberation (Feat. PCO & Vida Jafari)
9) They Don’t Know (Feat. Broken Pen)
10) Follow The Now (Feat. Youngs & Checka Fred)
11) You Got It (Feat. The LJ)
12) Snell
13) Mighty/Flex On Em (Feat. BE.water)
14) Still Alive (Feat. Sketch)
15) Movin’ (Feat. Vida Jafari)
16) Like Your Style (Feat. Direq)
17) The State Of Attraction
18) Trail Of Conscience (Feat. The LJ)
19) Fantastic Postlude (Feat. PCO)

Emperor Bohe – The Fantastic

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