So, what happens when two of the UK's finest MCs get together for a musical outing? They have a great journey of course. The key to The Shows appeal is in the chemistry. Inja and Skuff (no it doesn't sound better the other way round) have an obvious advantage via The Delegates of Culture. Not only are both superb MCs, they also complement each other really well. Skuffs monotone twang is the yin to Inja's permanently agitated yang. These 2 already had a nice penchant for 'keepin it real' and the trend is continued here. Tales about the downsides of UK life is intertwined with lines observing our governments downward spiral and the pros and cons of todays MC. The beats are an nicely compiled mashup of a verying tempo and at times progressive soundscape. Mid tempo head nods are preceeded by high octane busrts of braggadocio beats and succeded by deep grime laced b-line or folksy guitar driven greatness. The Delegates, be they together, in pairs or standing alone have done no wrong up to now. This show is no exception.

p e a c e

That's Me/Enter The Albatross/Forward Motion (promo mix)

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