Funky vibes

Damn near 13 years is a long time for any MC. Yet for a UK MC to still be relevant, not just on these shores but in other continents as well, is quite some feat. To do that while still following the same basic formula that got you started in the first place in damn near unheard of. I have said -critically- before that the man’s flow has hardly changed since my first Funky DL purchase (Circles, 1997) and his requiem for making beats has followed a similar path. But having been encouraged by this, his latest opus to revisit some of his past exploits, something soon became apparent. DL has simply found a way to move with the times without compromising his core elements. Some MCs have to come full circle, while others never manage to make it back at all. For a man to never have strayed for so long shows his dedication to both his beliefs and the genre. It’s just a shame that The Interview isn't actually an interview. The misleading premise is nothing more than an elongated skit broken into intro sequences for each track on the album. This wouldn't be a problem if these skits actually felt like an interview. DL could do with getting at least a little personal at times and I was expecting the album to reflect this. The one time he does this (God's Daughter) he gets everything just right. However the beats are so nice, the album as a whole is so nicely paced, and he fits the beats so well, that I'm hard pressed to hold it against him. Oh... and the London Allstars posse cut is still blowing my mind There's no way you can bring out such an banger and not have an album to follow it!!!

p e a c e

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