Unchained Melodies

Marmite, that little brown tub of culinary unrest. We are all very familiar with the old adage, you either love it or hate it. For those in the Hip Hop know, Melodiq also falls into such a catagory. His voice is one that for some, straddles the fine line between dominant and overbearing (think of a Jeru The Damaja and Barack Obama vocal lovechild). I for one however, just about fall on the dominant side of the line. However this conundrum is further deepened by .Mel's at times over simplistic wordplay. This is something that a Q-Tip has at times gotten away with simply because of the charm of his voice. But Melodiq's problem is that his voice is of a type that accentuates these liabilities even more. Hip Hop fans can be fickle SOB's and I fear that the gems that he does drop will be easily overlooked. Yet when he is accompanied by music that's suits his voice, everything clicks very nicely indeed with tracks like Let Your Light Shine, The Next Chapter and The Overseers being prime examples. It's moments like these added to his ear for lovely soulful soundscapes, that makes Straight From The Soul a worthy addition to any Jazz Hop collection.

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Straight From The Soul 3 Track Promo

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