RIP Jamie Janes

repat682_905625a Gordon Browns’ integrity is not in question. Anyone with an ounce of common sense, no matter which party you support (with the possible exception of BNP) will not question his inentions. Those same people should however, be taking the sun newspaper to task over their manipulation of a grieving mother and her dead sons memory. The extent to which they attacked the Priminister was simply disgraceful. Attack the policies not the person. 

Then we have Mrs Janes. Here is a woman who clearly was not in any sort of emotional state to react objectively to what was going on and was totally unprepared for the ever expanding snowball that she had created. The editorial powers that be at The Suns head quarters must have damn near caused a tremor with all the jumping for joy they must have been doing.. Little did they know that they would soon be ducking for cover from all the verbal ammunition flying their way. Apparently a neighbour told Mrs Janes to record the telephone conversation. I'm guessing that neighbour happens to have friends in editorial roles at The Sun. Bare in mind the suns interest is not policy driven. They are going to back who they think will win at the next general election.. The problem with that is ultimately it is we the public who will decide.

You can question the morality of The Sun, you can question the practices of the Prime Ministers aides but you cannot question the Intergrity of Gordon Brown on this issue.

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