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Three Point One Four [EP] Cover










My 2 favourite genres combined. When it’s done this well regular rotation on my I-pod is secure. I’ve said it before but the key to making any live instrumentation work with Hip Hop is the sessions type vibe produced within the music. These guys are masters of this craft. A must have for any fan worth his/her salt. The pic on the right contains a link to purchase the ‘Minor Details’ EP. The pic on the left is where I leave you with a sample of their superb new EP ‘Three Point One Four’. Oh and if your in London on 4th October, the Jazz Cafe is where these guys will be. I’ll be there too. Enjoy!

J-Treole’s Myspace

oi Mr.!!!


Yep, this one is definitely a keeper.

The Wonderful World Of Mr. Miranda

microphone Checka

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The producer MC combo is a long trusted Hip Hop tradition that is carried very well indeed on the shoulders of Cheka Fred & Otitis. And so the quality train from this now prolific camp continues. Surely they cannot keep on giving away music of such quality. Enjoy!

Checka Fred & Otitis – Problem Style

Checka Fred – King Me Mixtape


up the Escalator & down the slide


See more niceness. This Little compilation was apparently thrown toghether in a couple of hours. Such is the quality of the tracks that you have to wonder just how deep this crews back catalogue goes. Yes it’s them again. Enjoy!

1) Rhythm Voyagers Crew - Good Morning America
2) Velosity & Jae Diamondz - Cast Away
3) Jansport J - Love
4) Blackwater - That's That
5) PCO - Million Man Reprise
6) Sketch - Legendary
7) MH! - 24Seven
8) Emperor Bohe - Valantra
9) Rhythm Voyagers Crew - Beastie B
10) Direq - Kung Fu Discipline
11) PCO & Velosity - House Party
12) Sketch - One Mic
13) Blackwater - Ancient Ruin (With Sage)
14) PCO - Final Destination (Feat. Sonic J)
15) Jansport J - Give Us This Day
16) MH! - Get Back
17) Emperor Bohe & PCO - Self Titled (Feat. Blackwater)
18) Velosity – Chillax

Rhythm Voyagers Crew - The Escalation Mixtape

Bohe Selecta!!!

Front Cover

Emperor Bohe (i’m pronouncing it Bo, hence the title of this post) has put together a soul driven piece of superbness. Now I haven’t seen this poated anywhere else aprt from his myspace… and that, is a damn shame as I believe this deserves an awful lot more attention than that. The Emperor is also a part of ths Bench Mob that have more than a few bits of top notch noiceness on my humble pages. Go find them too. Enjoy!

1) Fantastic Prelude
2) Back To My Next Problem (Feat. Checka Fred)
3) The Fantastic (Feat. The Bench Mob)
4) Rainbow Vision (Feat. Sean Wyze)
5) Just A Silly Phase/Not In Love
6) The Fish (Feat. Youngs)
7) You’ll Be Seeing Me (Feat. Lyrick)
8) Liberation (Feat. PCO & Vida Jafari)
9) They Don’t Know (Feat. Broken Pen)
10) Follow The Now (Feat. Youngs & Checka Fred)
11) You Got It (Feat. The LJ)
12) Snell
13) Mighty/Flex On Em (Feat. BE.water)
14) Still Alive (Feat. Sketch)
15) Movin’ (Feat. Vida Jafari)
16) Like Your Style (Feat. Direq)
17) The State Of Attraction
18) Trail Of Conscience (Feat. The LJ)
19) Fantastic Postlude (Feat. PCO)

Emperor Bohe – The Fantastic

Solid as a rock


I’ll keep this one simple. I love this compilation!!! Daniel you genius. Enjoy.

1. US3 - Cantaloop
02. Guru - Le Bien Le Mal [Feat. MC Solaar]
03. Easy Mo Bee & Miles Davis - Fantasy
04. Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust [La Funk Mob Remix Feat. Justin Warfield]
05. Leena Conquest & Hip Hop Finger - Boundaries
06. Jazz Con Bazz - Ou Est La Justice [Feat. Mel'ange Mystic]
07. O'Lee - Jump In The Water
08. Definition of Ahead - Face [Feat. Yeti]
09. Justice System - Summer In The City

10. Lords of The Underground - What I'm After
11. Ronny Jordan - See The New [Feat. IG]
12. Madkap - Roof Is In The Puddin'
13. Cherno - The Mood Is "Write"
14. Blachman Thomas & Supreme Beat Revolution - Keep It Simple
15. Spirit Level - Good Feeling [Feat. Lorraine Chambers]
16. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Triste
17. Will Williams - Pump It Up [Feat. Da Germ]
18. Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz
19. Main Source - Fakin' The Funk
20. MC Solaar - Nouveau Western

21. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Streets of New York
22. Diferenz - Jazz Workshop [Remix]
23. Dred Scott - My Mind Is Driftin'
24. Kid Frost - La Raza
25. Zigg Zagg - N Ya Mind
26. Jazzkantine - Take Five [Remix]
27. Freestyle Fellowship - Sunshine Men
28. Wig - 24/7 [Funky Fresh Few Remix]
29. Menelik Et La Tribu - Un Petit Rien du Jazz
30. Ronny Jordan - Season For Change [Feat. Guru]
31. Brick City Kids - What Who

32. Buckshot LeFonque & DJ Premier - Breakfast At Denny's
33. De La Soul - Buddy [Feat. ATCQ, Jungle Brothers, Monie Love, Queen Latifah]
34. Stereo MC's - The End
35. Soulive - Steppin' [Remix Feat. Shuman]

Various Artists - Konkrete Jazz

Shoot off at the mouth

AlbumCover Sorry man (Luke) I let this one slip by… until your heads up. Yes people more quality freeness. I cannot think of a single alternative genre that has anywhere near this amount of quality music to giveaway. Hip Hop has always lead the way in the digital revolution and long may it continue. Enjoy!

MouthBlocks – It Takes One To Know One

Hawaii 5-0


Quality freeness is what got this lil blog of mine  started. This one is one of the best i’ve had the pleasure of posting. Hawaiian Hip Hop at its best. Peep his words: ‘we had our most authentic feelings and emotions as children before people started coaching on us on how to feel towards things we were exposed to, so I wanted to take that energy (childlike) into what my love for Hip Hop is. The "beta" in the title alludes to my desire that I want people to try it and really dissect it, and on a more artistic level, I hope that other artists after considering my work, try to put more of their artistic side and energy into their work’. –Juander-. Enjoy… I did!

Juander – A Kid Love-Beta

get to Know Juander

no Lagging behind


Tune after tune after tune. This guy is a workaholic. His significant other must feel like a spare part. Mad respect to you bruv. Enjoy!

Scholarman – In My Life (prod. by Lagbara)

Largest Professional


I was gonna do a review piece for this one but i will simply say that this is the best Hip Hop release of the year so far & I would argue one of the best produced albums of the modern era. Anyone who wants to supass this is gonna have to go some… over to you Mr. Young.

He’s not Famous (incase you didn’t know)


The soon to be released first album, Order Up volume 3, is the first release from my man Kevin’s new Hipnott Label. This here mixtape is the precursor to said release. Enjoy!

I Am… Nobody Famous mixtape

Nobody Famous Myspace


Support, Support!!!

Front Cover

There are a few of us who had our say against the British National Party’s gaining in european parliament. Lowkey has added his voice to the cause with this single. The title is self explanatory. Spport & enjoy!

We Don’t Want Them (sample) (beat by The Last Skeptik)

Buy it here (Support, Support!!!)

The ‘09 Tape Killa is back

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Now then… according to the sender, this one passed me by the first time it dropped in my inbox. But I refuse to believe that I let freeness of this quality pass me by without noticing (no way Chris hehe). Don’t let the title fool you, this is all new material. Let the reminiscing begin. Enjoy!

Revalation & Catalyst - Killa Tape '09 (The Album)

& around & around again...

I recently wrote a piece that I am still unsure whether to post or leave behind. Their is a part of that piece where I acknowledge the relatively recent pool of talent that makes up the current crop of UK Hip Hops bold and brave. I remarked on impending decisions for some of our great and good. It seems that with his 2nd effort, Micall is intent on grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns. Such is the crisp, sharp quality and execution of this album that you have to wonder how all of these producers are still only well known figures in Hip Hops underworld. Parky the MC is still the working mans champion. Lines like "I've come so far, I'm a man with a plan I ain't no rap star; I'm a man with a fam I ain't got no car, its my wife who can drive all I got is bars" are a testimony to what the man is about.No gimmicks, no banter, just real world lyrics with out of this world production. The engineer also deserves his props as the whole package is superbly mixed. Oh and having your son tell us not to 'bootleg my dads cd' is genius (as is the Erick Sermon inspired hook on Holdin' It Down). UK stand up!!!

p e a c e

going on a Pilgrimage?


And yes, they are bloody superb. Peep the proof!


Freedom Times 2 track selection

Luvolution Intro feat. Sukina Abdul Noor

Poetic Pilgrimage’s Myspace

don’t forget your Lotion



Hahaaaa yeah. if you want chemistry, a few laughs & straight uncomplicated Hip Hop, these are my go to guys. They’ve brought out a few mixtapes & singles. Now we have the album. It’s free & it’s oooh sooo car stereo worthy. The connection between the 2 is obvious & the beats (provided by A-Rod Grime, G-Ryder & Buzz) prove that the depth of Hip Hop talent These fellas are definitely on the come up. Enjoy!

Ashy L Bowz – No Lotion


Ashy on Twitter

The Ashy Myspace

A-Rod Grime / G-Ryder / Buzz on Twitter

hot maple syrup, cake & ice cream… hmm

Front Cover (A)

Sorry preacher man, i can’t believe it took me so long to get to this, especially since the beatsmith involved hails from my shores. Peep these tasters for the EP. Enjoy the niceness. Oh and keep an eye out for another Preach project which sees him partnered with Marc Mac from 4Hero. I was lucky enough for Preach to grant me an early listen to a couple of tracks & maaaaaan those two aren’t messin’ about!

Preach Jacobs & Denz – Oh Yes /
Cool Out (Denz Remix)

Preach’s place

Blap goes the weasel!!!


In my opinion this is the best yet

01.) Intro (feat. The Real "Master Shake") (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
02.) D-Black - Superbad
(Produced By Illmind)
Young Buck - Hold On
(feat. 50 Cent) (Produced By Illmind)
Skyzoo & Wale - Freshfest
(Produced By Illmind)
Rapper Big Pooh - Problems
(feat. Jozeemo) (Produced By Illmind)
Cres - Restless
(feat. Termanology) (Produced By Illmind)
Kaze - Dusk Til' Dawn
(Produced By Illmind)
Scarface - Who Are They
(feat. K-Rino & Slim Thug) (Produced By Illmind)
09.) Kida
- We Made It
(feat. Marsha Ambrosius) (Produced By Illmind)
Dominique Larue - Okay
(feat. Kim Joyce) (Produced By Illmind)
Kids Incorporated (88 Keys, Evidence & Alchemist) - Stay Up! (Viagra)
(Produced By Illmind)
Common - I Want U (Shmoove Mix)
(Produced By Illmind)
13.) MindsOne
- Instinct
(Produced By Illmind)
Thoth - On My Terminator Shit
(feat. Terminology) (Produced By Illmind)
Edo. G - Wishin'
(feat. Masta Ace) (Produced By Illmind)
Fortilive (Illmind, Mushmouf & Slo-Mo) - Cowboys
(feat. 84) (Produced By Illmind)
C.B. News - Bumrush The Show
(feat. Torae) (Produced By Illmind)
Deep Foundation - Girls
(Produced By Illmind)
AP - All I've Seen (Produced By Illmind)

20.) Vox Merger - Do Or Die (feat. The Far East Movement) (Produced By Illmind)

Dub MD & Illmind – Blaps, Rhymes & Life

not so bleek in memphis

00 Suicide Watch(Memphis)cover

Another one. Memphis is the lucky recipient this go round. Enjoy!

1.O to the Z O.N.E. Jones produced by The Trackmaster

2.I Betcha produced by Dox

3.Underworld pt 2 produced by Soul Professa

4.I'm a Star (Freestyle) L'Daialogue Dicaprio produced by Khrysis

5.The Greatest f/ Dasan Ahanu(official single from Suicide Music) produced by Khrysis

6.Abnormal O.N.E. Jones produced by Dox

7.Underworld pt 1 (classic) produced by Khrysis

8.Knockaround Guys (03) L.E.G.A.C.Y.,Young Cee,Jozeemo,Panama G.A.T.

9.You Might See Me produced by Khrysis

10.Kill Ya Self L'Daialogue Dicaprio produced by DJ Mizunderstatistic

11.Hundred & Tenth Street f/Dasan Ahanu produced by NRG

12.Don't Have to Stay produced by Khrysis

13.Suicide Fresh (Freestyle)

L.E.G.A.C.Y. – Suicide Watch: Memphis Edition

Bonus: Don’t Have To Stay (beat by Khrysis)

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