!!… got you all in check

(chuckling to myself)…. folks drop mail all the time asking me to check out their music or vid. They know that myself and Mischief like to support unrecognised talent. But lets not confuse you guys, if we don’t like it we ain’t postin’ it! Just being an ‘up-and-coming MC or Beatsmith doesn’t give an automatic post. No i’m not up my own arse i’m just being honest. Most ‘real’ bloggers are the same. Luckily there is waaaay too much superb stuff for any of us to start disappearing anytime soon. The vid above is a perfect example of that. RoQ'y TyRaiD dropped me an ‘electronic’ line. I caught the superb vid and tune ‘Woosah’ and after the good people do the same, you can download his free album, ‘The New Millenium Man’ via the link below. Don’t Sleep!

Download: RoQ'y TyRaiD – The New Millenium Man

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