clear your mind

Ohhhhhhh! So this is what happens when you get one of the UK’s underrated clan and the Krate Krusaders crew (well at least one of them anyway) together in the studio. Over The Great Divide is a socio-political, yet spacey, take on life as we know it (with a few bragging rights thrown in), through the eyes of one of UK Hip Hop’s unsung heroes. Clarity reminds me a bit of Ghostface Killah. In that he puts his rhymes together with some out there phrases thrown into the mix. So there are times when you have to rewind and listen closely to decipher what it is he is conveying. But make no mistake, the method in his madness (ish) is most definitely there for anyone who listens properly to hear. As for Bad Habitz beats, your headphones maybe for Clarity’s rhymes but your stereo speaker were surely made for beats of this kind. I had to take my guinea pig (yes, guinea pig) into another room cause the rumbling b-line was driving him mad. Boom Bap is right with added emphasis on the boom. A very nice 2 pronged attack by Clarity with an album that is easily digested whether your in a mood for beats or lyrics. Superb stuff. Buy it now for £4.00 via Bandcamp or you can grab one of only 100 copies of the CD from the same place (thanks Darren).

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