adventures in bandcamp: jugglin’ tings propa edition


Originality, Wit, Humour, Charm, Braggadocio. Words that came to mind when i first clapped ears on Propa’s FREE album, I’m Up Now!!! Life through his lens is how i would describe where he is coming from lyrically and I would love to know who handles the production too as it is a fresh sound that does inspire memories of early roots manuva material. A great listen. Enjoy!

Propa – B4 I Wake Up & I’m Up Now!!!


Molly Floss said...

It really is a great listen. It sounds so original and I like the lyrics.

M.E.™ said...

All production was done by the man himself. He is one of the best double threats in the U.K.
This will be shown with each release.Pay thorough attention to his art.When he ain't sampling check the chord progressions.
Get familiar, we are coming
Much respect for the support as our city is ulitmately fronting!