i don’t want that monday feeling


Having such a great, original and quirky first single can work against you. Die hard fans can be blinkered and not even give the song a look in, while those new to the artist/s involved may expect more of the same and little else from any album to come. An obvious meeting in the middle is the best way to please both and that is exactly what Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik have done with ‘How Not To Make a Living’. Tracks like J.O.B and Monster Things keep the quirkier/more original end of the album alive while the ‘heads’ are well taken care of with what remains. Yet overall the project straddles that happy medium without losing a shred of credibility (which as history suggests is no mean feat). The Last Skeptik is a gifted, albeit underrated, beatsmith who will surely be a far busier man when this album is released. Rewd Adams has chosen just the right tactic of not attacking the beats as oppose to weaving in and out. A very polished MC who compliments the beats superbly. An original release with enough contemporary sounds to keep all and sundry more than satisfied. A definite recommend.

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How Not To Make A Living is out on 2nd of July              Pre-Order it HERE & HERE or get in early HERE

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