more 24 hour festive freeness: Gi3MO

I am very late on the Rum Committee. Brash boom bap with an in your face off kilter angle to their rhymes. Gi3MO's The Untold Adventures of Gary Gutternsnypes is a superb bump that i copped for a snip at £3.99 via Google Play on my beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (you see the plug Samsung? and its not the 1st time either. can i have a Note 3 please?). For the next 24 Hours Gi3MO (how do you pronounce that!?!) is giving it away for free (or name your price) via Bandcamp. no excuses people, do not sleep! video and link after the break.

Gi3MO - The Untold Adventures OF Gary Guttersnype (24 hour Freeness)

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