the jragon of an ordinary remix

You should know by now all about the superb album that is Jehst's last release. In my view, The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family is a masterpiece of modern narrative of life in our fair country. Well it is getting the full remix treatment. It's soon to be released (I think) and is even getting some special limited edition treatment. 250 cassette tapes (do you know what they are kids?) with full artwork are available for pre order (although i am guessing that they are all gone by now). Tracklist, preview stream and pre-order link after the break.

1. True Intention (Kidkanevil Remix)
2. Killer Instinct (Om Unit's Cosmic Disco Mix)
3. Zombies (Leaf Dog Remix)
4. Thinking Crazy (M-Phazes Remix)
5. England (Boot Remix)
6. Camberwell Carrots (Bambooman Remix)
7. Starting Over (Mo Kolours Remix)
8. Old No. 7 (Mr Thing's Mellow Puff A L Remix)
9. The Illest (Evil Ed's Acting Ill Remix)
10. Sounds Like Money (Apollo Remix)
11. Back To The Drawing Board (ARP 101 Remix)
12. Poison (The Last Skeptik Remix)
13. Telemachus Vs Steve Zissou Interlude
14. Tears In Rain (Chemo Remix)
15. Tears In Rain (Chemo Remix)
16. Two Point Four (The Dragon…) (Louis Slipperz Remix)
17. HeyZeus x Radimo Bonus Carrot
(no i'm not sure if the Chemo remix is an error or not)

Pre order & stream HERE

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