boxing day blues....quashed by a rebel

Raggo Zulu Rebel is most definitely now to be considered deep in the game. His 'Raggo' concious gem filled rhymes have always been one for the rewind button and his latest christmas present is no different. Get involved folks! Enjoy!

Raggo Zulu Rebel - I Walk Alone

i got a new ipad today.... and socks

Rodney P is back with a blinder. A brillliant brilliant blend as all three contributers come correct on this one. More of the same Rodney! But where's that damn album bruv!?!?!

more 24 hour festive freeness: Gi3MO

I am very late on the Rum Committee. Brash boom bap with an in your face off kilter angle to their rhymes. Gi3MO's The Untold Adventures of Gary Gutternsnypes is a superb bump that i copped for a snip at £3.99 via Google Play on my beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (you see the plug Samsung? and its not the 1st time either. can i have a Note 3 please?). For the next 24 Hours Gi3MO (how do you pronounce that!?!) is giving it away for free (or name your price) via Bandcamp. no excuses people, do not sleep! video and link after the break.

was it rocky & bullwinkel or bullwinkel & rocky

Straight Hip Hop. A snap you neck beat and MC's showing and proving. More of the same please!

the b!£$%@s whaaaaat the b!£$%@s

This tune is nice... nuff said

a year in the life of oscar the slouch: review

Ramson Badbonez, arguably the UK's most naturally gifted MC. A man whose utilisation of some of Hip Hops most well known Golden Age instrumentals (The London Realness, 3 Endings) is nothing short of genius. After his catalogue of mixtapes and assorted releases grew exponentially, his debut album (released via Boot Records) Bad Influence, took its bow. Yet as good as most of the album was, to me Ramson suffered from what I call, the Can-I-Bus effect. A plethora of superbly written rhymes were heard from start to finish, yet there was a distinct lack of structure. Having gonna back to the drawing board, Mr. Badbonez is back with his first release through High Focus Records, A Year In The Life of Oscar The Slouch.

(continued after the break)

the uk sky at night

A Decidedly moody remix of Jehsts masterpiece of urban literature. To be included on the Remix album of Jehst's latest long player. Enjoy!

jagged edge's remix with run dmc was the jaaaaaam!

Whoa! i'm nearly a year late with this one but whatever Its a tune and this guy is nice (that is to say his mic skills are nice.... to be clear). And the clip is cool too.

the jragon of an ordinary remix

You should know by now all about the superb album that is Jehst's last release. In my view, The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family is a masterpiece of modern narrative of life in our fair country. Well it is getting the full remix treatment. It's soon to be released (I think) and is even getting some special limited edition treatment. 250 cassette tapes (do you know what they are kids?) with full artwork are available for pre order (although i am guessing that they are all gone by now). Tracklist, preview stream and pre-order link after the break.

another cure

Out tomorrow!

Pre order HERE, HERE or HERE