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Racist chanting, verbal attacks, inflammatory comments from his own countrymen, practical jokes, hate mail, disgraceful websites. That is just some of what Lewis Hamilton has had to put up with on his way to becoming the Formula 1 World Champion. As evidenced with Andy Murray, who has hit a superb purple patch for British Tennis, It seems that when one of our own shows the attitude, determination, drive (no pun intended) & sheer will to win that is required to become the best, some of you are only to willing to try to bring them down. Competitive sports in schools are dwindling at an alarming rate. The powers that be state that it isn't fair on the losers. What kind of bullshit is that. It's that competitiveness that singles these guys out from the rest. It's no coincidence that the best in any sport are where they are. But encouragement has to play a part somewhere. Why are we not keeping the playing fields that we have instead of paving them over. Why is less & less money being provided to find our Champions of tomorrow. But when the few actually overcome all those odds to become one of, if not the best in the world at what they do, they get shot at (not literally) from all sides. To get that as part of your sport is one thing, but for racist abuse to makes it's way through is unbelievable. The sight of those idiots in Spain with their faces painted black & making monkey noises as Lewis came out to practise was disgusting. The fact that he is still the World Champion just shows the character of the man.

You can't have your cake & eat it. We either want British champions or we don't. Don't forget Ron Dennis & Mclaren invested in Lewis from a young age & Abdy has backing from the LTA. If the government & Lottery funding spread the wealththe right way, the stars of tomorrow could get on with becoming just that. And when they get there more celebration & less vilification would go a long way.

But my final words goes to Lewis himself. If someone is going to make comments directed at you, be they your indirect boss or anyone else, they need to be told when they speak out of turn. Bernie Eccleston should have felt the sharp edge of your tongue. A half sentence & then a papering over of the cracks os not going to get the job done. The Job being to first condemn those who make the comments & then to educate the younger generation that racist comments aren't acceptable. you are in a position of major influence. You should be teaching the younger generation the values you were obviously brought up with yourself. Extend footballs Kick It Out campaign to F1 if need be. Whether you like it or not you are a role model, now more than ever. i can understand in your position you may not want to make waves but waves are exactly what is needed in situations such as this.

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