You Silly, Silly Woman

I bet she thought this would never get out. I would strongly urge her to cancel doing anything that involves leaving her house. It just goes to show just how stupid people can be. I hope they take her daughter away from her, if only to ensure the child leads a normal & productive life. Her best line was 'He's not even Black, He's a Muslim, his mother's White'. How stupid can you be! He's not black but he has the same complexion as she does!?! Please! If this were 60 - 80 odd years ago he would be in the fields picking the cotton just the same. If a lot Black people looked back far enough into their family history, they would find white heritage in their bloodline anyway. Judging by the young ladies complexion she's gotta be one of them. She's clearly not stable & if you know her do the right thing, get her some much needed help.


Certified Banger said...

What about what shes' making her toddler say?! It's awful. How can she be calling Obama a devil? She's hardly an angel herself is she?

DJ BOUNCE said...


How stupid can one person be??