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Recently, I was going through some of my old cassettes and I came across the entire stash of mixtapes I’ve done throughout the years. And these aren’t pause tapes, trust me, they’re MIXtapes. Most of them I hadn’t heard in years; maybe close to a decade for some of them. It gave me the idea to do a kind of retrospective—a chronological backtrack if you will—of my mixtape ‘career’. I didn’t actually get one in the stores until ’99 so I use the term ‘career’ loosely, but the entire reason I became involved with this music was to make mixtapes. Most of my heroes are mixtape DJs so I aspired to follow in their footsteps.

I’m gonna go back to what I think is the first legitimately dope mix I did, because I realize what’s classic to me beyond that most likely wouldn’t be classic to you.

So, starting with my most recent, most intricate mixtape made in 2008, every week I’m gonna post backwards all the way to ’96. Let’s go!

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Mekalek's Party Mix

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