Wispa it loudly

Willo's the next major breakout of the now highly anticipated Asscociated Minds camp. He's appeared on many a top notch release this year (Evil Ed & Conspicuous and Sir Smurf Li'l amongst them), as part of The Colony. Well, The Minds have put together this little number fot the good paople to partake of Willo's earlier works (hence the title).

1. Mars To The Manor
- produced and recorded by Conspicuous The Coroner
2. Rider Music Freestyle - feat. Cobane & Ophkea
3. Cark - produced by Ophkea
4.What Kind Of Girls? - produced by Hansel The Unicorn
5. Razor Blades (Evil Ed Switchblade Remix)
6. Real Eyes Dub
7. Excalibah Dubstate
8. 2 Pounds - produced by DJ Excalibah
9. I Wanna - produced by the elusive Peeping Tom

Willo Wispa - The Earlier Escapades Of....

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