Wax Lyrical (EOM gets a mention too)

When Kevin drops something in my inbox it invariably means that I have to take notice since he doesn't do it that often. But when he does it is always quality Hip Hop. And so his streak continues with Wax & EOM's Liquid Courage. i'll admit when i 1st saw the artwork i was a little skeptical at what these guys were gonna bring to the table (sorry Kev). As the saying goes 'Don't judge a book by it's cover'. Soulful head nods from the get go. EOM has a quirky way with his neats & tends to pick his samples from a more eerie place than most. Heavy guitars, a fully voiced male choir (as a sample!?!) & what appear to be Native/South American pan pipes (amongst others) all make an appearance. Thus making for a more interesting spin on the beats (these guys even have Reggaeton covered). Wax's voice is about as close to the right side of annoying as you can be without actually being so. Yet how can a cross between Sadat X, Eminem & Eazy E still sound this nice. Quite simply, if you can spit, just about any tone becomes more than bearable. Wax veers between comedy & emotion easily & breaks things up by singing a few of the hooks. The adventures of Larry & Tina are a perfect example of when the tone & vibe of a song suits this perfectly. The symmetry between the Wax & EOM is uncanny. Whenever Eom decides to reign things in for the beat, Wax escapes the leash & be it a verse or hook, lets loose somewhere on the track. His Hip Hop vocab seems to be limitless as he skates from one topic to another with ease. Apparently what was meant to be an EP ended up the being the 17 tracks currently blaring from my Ipod. Liquid Courage eh? Quirky Jazzhop is one of he names I call it. Top quality is the other. But with a few kinks ironed out, the next one (there better be) will be even better.

p e a c e


Kevin said...

Glad you're feeling the album and glad you know I only email out quality shit!

Sean said...

Love that you Love this album, and I'm sure more peopel will love it too. Dope stuff

Praverb said...

Dope group...woooooooooo