Symbolic Gestures

I had no idea that this project was even in the pipeline, so when Braille drops the whole thing in the mail, I couldn't believe my luck. One of my favourite MC's has teamed up with one of my favourite producers & the results are superb. Both sides bring their A game, S1 in a slightly unexpected way. maybe it's just me, but i'm used to hearing more Soul & less Boom Bap from him. But when Cloud Nineteen is the result who cares. As soon as the cymbals started to crash on the opening track (It's Nineteen) I knew I was going to like album. And so it proved as one head nod succeeded another without a lull in . Braille is his lyrically constructive, Hip Hop praising self. I recently wrote a piece for a future issue of The Find Magazine, in which I stated that Hip Hop had the wrong MC at it's forefront & that for the good of Hip Hop's image that had to be changed. Braille is the type of MC I was referring to as the lights that aren't getting the shine that they deserve. When your this nice an MC gimmicks just aren''t necessary. Cloud Nineteen carries all the ingredients of what Hip Hop should be. Braille also shows an insightful depth in places that some might not grasp on the 1st spin. tracks like Broken Heart, Skepticold & especially Heart Of God, deserve the listeners concentration on what is being said & not just how he is saying it. Hip Hop is all about utilizing quality beats to express yourself, not expressing an image. For those that seek the former, Cloud Nineteen is the place ot start.

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