Antonio DeMarco overcomes Kid Diamond

So once again, a late night excursion in my back room sitting infront of the box watching setanta sports at silly o clock in the morning, accompanied by my drunken brother who was rather excited, that he hadnt missed the fight. It was worth it though. If not for the main event....Darchinyan - Arce, which im not going to look at today, but instead the undercard bout, a superb fight, for the NABO lightweight title, between Antonio DeMarco another Mexican fighter who looks like he will dominate the lower weight divisions over the coming years and Kid Diamond, the brash and bouncy wild fighter from somewhere in Europe I cant pronounce. The fight started off somewhat awkward, DeMarco's southpaw stance imposing its frustration upon Kid Diamond, who, at times, found a way through DeMarco's tight defense with his wild flashy hands. The first few rounds were back and forth but Kid Diamond seemed to land the harder punches and looked like, if he could keep up his pace, he would take the fight to DeMarco and set the rhythm. DeMarco was too much though, as it seemed to me that Diamond couldnt utilise his game plan to its full effect. DeMarco was quick, but his head movement early on in the fight worried me, and he wasnt using his jab, which is very effective against a boxer like Diamond who likes to take the fight on the inside. Diamond was the agressor for the the first 7 rounds, and he was on the front foot constantly, proving a very hard target for DeMarco, bobbing and weaving, his defense possessed as much flair as his offense. DeMarco found his rhythm though, pumping the jab and keeping Diamond at bay during the later stages of the fight. Fuelling, in my opinion, Diamonds frustration, which led him to throw some wild shots, and thus it was this mistake that gave DeMarco to deliver crunching lefts to the body of Diamond along with some very nice combinations during the 9th, using his jab to set up his harder left hand to full effect, rocking Diamonds head and taking control. Diamond was unable to come out for the 10th. An enraptured DeMarco celebrated the best fight of his career so far.

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