Quality By Association


I recently read a write up on another UK blog. It was basically a verbal barrage at the state of UK Hip Hop & those at the forefront of it. It was said that one of the main reasons why our music over here is not in a more recognised position is that our MC spit the same old rhymes over the same old beats & the cycle is never ending. I would reply by saying that: If you want to see UK versions of This Is Why i’m Hot, My Neck, My Back or Laffy Taffy then go find the artists to make it happen. I would much rather our artists are not infected with that virus & have it spread throughout our scene. Maintaining our own sound has to be a priority. Remember back in the days of UK heads using US accents. We don’t want a beat making alternative do we. Or would you rather them be adding to our knife crime situation instead of writing rhymes & layering kicks. Support good music, it’s really not that difficult.

Hence I introduce the Associated Minds crew. You’ve seen me drop a few snippets from these guys before. But I really like what these guys are about so i’ve decided to put some of those snippets of that niceness in one post.

Ralph Rip Shit – Disco

folder Mudmowth – Rain & palm trees (feat. Ralph Rip Shit)

I had to say a few words about this one. An eerie hula sample played at different speeds at various times. Topped up by Mud & Ralph painting some off key, but laugh out loud verbal pictures. If the Monsters Inc. project is real, and this is what we can expect from it, then I for one cannot wait.


Willo Wispa – Mars To The Manor


Metabeats - Live & Let Live (feat. Pergyl)

This bunch of talented individuals & their labelmates deserve all the shine is coming their way. If it exists bros I;m waiting to hear this Monsters inc. stuff & Ralph you need to drop an album man! Don’t sleep on these guys people. Listen, Enjoy & check out the site.


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