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The ever improving On the Radar series should now be a staple inn most peoples diets. In case the rest of the world doesn’t know, the UK has an abundance of top notch beatsmiths & MC’s. The amount of exclusives alone should get you started. Don’t underestimate the work my man A puts into this series. This latest volume has been a staple in my ears since it arrived in my inbox. Big yourself up A. Click the pic or below & Enjoy!

1. Delusionists: Parallel Worldz feat. Invizible Frenz (CB Exclusive)

2. Chosen Spokesmen: Mad Real (Prod. by Chemo) (CB Exclusive)

3. C-Froo: Financial Times

4. S.Kalibre: English (Prod. by Mike S)

5. Instance: Can't Get Down (Prod. by Mike D) (CB Exclusive)

6. Vee-Kay: Backroad ft. Dead Residents (CB Exclusive)

7. Rapskallions: Battleslang (Mr. Loop Remix) (CB Exclusive)

8. Runamuk: No Gimmicks ft. Unfriendly N’bours & Blaze (Prod. by Terror) (CB Exclusive)

9. Lunar C: Stop Stressin’ (Prod. by Ant Orange) (CB Exclusive)

10. Uncle Dicky: Running On Fumes ft. Nozeeny (Prod. by Lazyb0nes) (CB Exclusive)

11. Nutty P: Why So Serious? (CB Exclusive)

12. Leady: Travelling Man (Prod. by Irn Mnky)

13. Joker Starr: Get Up (CB Exclusive)

14. EdXL: Crocodile Smile (Prod. by Cranky Fatso)

15. 10Shott: Soldier Salute

16. Skinnista & Gadger: Get Away ft. Dvas & Reggiimental (CB Exclusive)

17. The Riddlah: Mind Right (Prod. by Nasty P)

18. Knew Jeru’slum: Dreamcatchers ft. JND (Prod. by Eliphino) (CB Exclusive)

19. 30KB: Crewd Sons (Ghost in the Machine) (CB Exclusive)

20. JVF Clique: Lose The Chains (CB Exclusive)

Bonus Track: Zion I: Legacy ft. Ty

On The Radar Volume 4

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