Fine Dyning

Your home is your sanctuary. Whether you work in a studio, a bank, a store, the city or Mcdonalds, the one place where you are always thankful to be after a hard days work... Is Home. Most of my memorable moments in life -good or bad- took place when I was at home.. The Apartment is an album that takes this very theme & takes a deep breathe. With varied subject matter that covers the good and the bad, Dynas has kept family at its core. Real issues are covered throughout from shady relationships to the possible tribulations of childhood & many more in between, which, although may be nothing new, the delivery and execution is second to none. Dynas' ear for beats is superb. Jazzy Jeff, DJ Spinna, and the late J Dilla all lend the considerable talents and this is some of the best work I've heard from all of them for a long time. But as good as they are, none of their work overshadows the charisma and flexibility Dynas' carries from start to finish. One of my new favourite tracks of the year so far, Family Jewels, is a perfect case in point. Buoyed by an on form 'Uncle' Slick Rick and some old school infectiousness, Dy ups his tempo to make the perfect counter for Ricks laid back flow. As is Totally Tanya, that sees a superb opening verse of Ragga tinged niceness. It seems to me that this dude has it all. Thanks to his ear for beats i'd put him in the Ghostface catagory of nice. I'd be willing to wager that Dynas' catalogue is gonna grow into something just as consistent as Toney's. Any 'True Head' would be undermining his status if he/she doesn't add this to the collection. Easily one of the years best.

p e a c e

Dynas -Crown Royal

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