Cushty Rodders, Cushty!!!

 What do Cappadonna's Pillage, Lord Finesse's Brainstorm, Raekwon's Rainy Dayz, Nas' Live Nigga Rap & Pharoahe Monch's Godsend have in common? Such are their ears for a beat, Cyrus Malachi, Masikah, Kyza & M9 have assembled these tasty morsels (amongst others) to form part of the 17 courses of niceness that make up White Noize. It would be very easy to dismiss such a mass recycling of such greatness as beyond lazy. But in the words of any one of the X-Factor judges (which is kind of ironic seeing that pop acts get a 4 way tongue lashing on the album) 'they made the songs their own'. That they do this to such an extent that I was struggling to remember a couple of tracks from the list at the top of this review, is a testament to the mic skills on show. From start to finish the equation is simple. (Verbal ferocity x constant gem dropping) + constant neck snappers = Orphans Of Cush, White Noize. This has to be UK Hip Hops stand out release so far this year and at only a £4.99 (HERE), only a crazy man (and perhaps Louie Walsh) would pass this up

p e a c e

Orphans Of Cush - Street Tapestry: Blasphemy Solo

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