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My man Scuba has joined the UK blogging ranks with Scotland Stand Up (i’d like to think the name was inspired by me, but i’m guessing my heads too big). As you can the from the logo above, It is obviously dedicated to all things north of the border yet there is already a raft of quality freeness too. Any UK peeps (or Hip Hop peepz in general for that matter) should check it out. Click The Pic!

_Project.AuldReekie_Ft This is one example of the niceness that is currently leaking down from ‘up there’. All Scottish MC’s & beatsmiths on this one & at 16 tracks deep, there isn’t a lack of material either. I’ve listened to this & it is niceness so i suggest you get involved. Enjoy!

Project: Auld Reekie

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DJ Scuba Steve said...

Thanks man, Major Props to your goodself for that.

hopefully this will get some more listeners up north eh. cos UK Hip Hop is about the UK Not just London and you are doin a great job reppin it all.



DJ Scuba Steve