...and not a Hootie in sight

When I first heard the name (and I had no idea who they were associated with) Squid Ninjaz sounded to me like a slightly harder version of Busted... or Mcfly. I've been at this for long enough to know that i should not be judging any books by their covers. A vast ensemble of MC's & beatsmiths, The Squids could be labelled alongide the Wu in the way they approach their sound. The dark undercurrent the runs right through Revenge Of The Blowfish is of the type that I haven't heard on a UK release for quite a while. Whereas a few of the more recent releases show sporadic examples of such an atmosphere, the Squids have kept it at the forefront for the entirety. Slowed to a crawl piano loops, samples paired together that fit when they sound like they should be nowhere near each other, drums that should be in desperate need of some EQ; and it's all superbly put together. It's a relatively risky ploy sticking with the same overall tone throughout and towards the end it shows. But such is the constant ferociousness of all the MCing talent on show that this is something that can be forgiven.. Definitely worth the purchase. Wales stand up!!!

p e a c e

Squid Ninjaz - R-Type (Cervantis, Joe Blow & Skamma)

Squid Ninjaz - Mimic (Cervantis, Pergyl, Joe Dirt & Joe Blow)

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