from NC to NL (North London that is)

Anyone who doesn’t think that this is niceness needs a brain examination from Dr. Gregory House. Watch the video then download the taster. Enjoy!



Preach & Denz – Thank You

round ‘em up Toolz!!!

DJ Toolz [2009] -- V.A. - UndaGround O-Nine 6.0_400

Toolie signs of for the ‘09 with his annual round up of his favourites. as usual his ear doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy!

01 - The ARE - You're Welcome [Intro]
02 - El Da Sensei & Returners - Ain't Trippin (feat. Ghettosocks & Timbuktu)
03 - Masta Ace & Edo G - Pass the Mic (feat. KRS-One)
04 - O.C. & AG - Oasis (prod. by Statik Selektah)
05 - C.B. News - A Lost Soul
06 - Chace Infinite - 730 (feat. Fashawn & Curtains)
07 - DJ K.O. - 80's Babies (feat. East & Silent Knight)
08 - Slum Village - Dope Man
09 - Brown Bag AllStars - The WorkHorse
10 - Illmaculate - Kicks to the Hat
11 - Sha Stimuli - Blasphemy
12 - Bekay - Bloodsport (prod. by Shuko)
13 - Army Of The Pharaohs - Contra Mantra (prod. by DC The Midi Alien)
14 - Grayskul & Maker - Crazy Talk
15 - Black Sheep - Forever Luvlee
16 - The White Shadow Of Norway - Classic Regulations (feat. Infinito 2017)
17 - Subliminal Thoughts (The Regiment & Soulution) - Home (Remix)
18 - Mirage & Concept - Mentality
19 - Fashawn - Why (prod. by Exile)
20 - Cormega - Live and Learn (prod. by Pete Rock)
21 - Kam Moye - Forever Fresh (prod. by Marco Polo)
22 - NYG'z - Ready (prod. by DJ Premier)
23 - DJ JS-1 - Life (feat. O.C.) [Roc Raida R.I.P.]
24 - Oddisee - Saw Myself Today [Outro]

DJ Toolz - UndaGround O-Nine 6.0

hmmmmm, Caaaaaaaaaake


Big Cakes is back with Money Talks… the no holds barred follow up to the gritty S.K.I.M. as well as TB on mic duties both Micall Parknsun & Asaviour lend their skills from behind the boards. Definately on that needs to be checked for. Enjoy!

01. Intro featuring Dalmighty Ego

02. Origarmy [Get It] (produced by Rainmayqah)

03. Money Talks (produced by Rainmayqah)

04. Skit

05. Pees & Beens featuring English (produced by Morfius)

06. Get Gwap (Kilinikal Productionz)

07. All About My Money (produced by Grade)

08. Hoes Get No Dough (produced by VLM)

09. Heard About It (produced by K Nite)

10. Its Alright (produced by Asaviour)

11. One For The Money feat Dalmighty Ego (produced by Micall Parknsun)

12. For My Hustlers [freestyle]

13. Skit featuring Dalmighty Ego

14. Washing Machine [Exclusive] featuring Logic (produced by Grade)

15. Skit featuring Raggo Zulu Rebel

16. Straight Knowledge featuring Raggo Zulu Rebel (produced by Rainmayqah)

17. That’s Gangsta [freestyle]

18. Its All Cake featuring Cocotone (produced by Tricksta)

19. Reh Teh Teh (produced by Grade)

20. Money Talks RMX (produced by Del Boy)

21. Skit featuring TB

22. Heaven & Hell featuring TB (produced by K Nite)

23. Outro [freestyle]

Big Cakes – Money Talks… So Listen

Big Cakes’ Myspace



Check that DJ list. Nothing but quality all the way. Then check the address & time. Easy access for most London peepz. Then check out the price, or rather a lack thereof. It’s freeness people. I’ll be there too!

building Bridges


My Man Danny (The head of the voltron collective that is has got Freddie Joachim & Yusai from Mellow Orange toether for this bloomin’ amazing mix. This is simply NOT to be missed. Enjoy!

01. 45 – Tokyo Jazz Freak
02. Till Bronner – No Fusion Generation
03. Shin-Ski of Martiangang – Do it 4 the children
04. Gagle – Sokokugo Zenya (Instrumental)
05. Grooveman Spot A.K.A. DJ Kou-G – Chit Chat Cut
06. Levitatorz – Pure Mathmatic
07. Shin-Ski of Martiangang – A Night At Savanna
08. Bulljun – Lil Mo Coke
09. The Green Tea – Something Like This
10. Shin-Ski of Martiangang – A Night At Sydney
11. Oddisee – Viva Brasil
12. Grooveman Spot A.K.A. DJ Kou-G – Grooveman’s Soul Clappin’
13. Dela ft. L – Change of Atomsphere (Outro)

14. Suff Daddy – Join The Club
15. Suff Daddy – One for Rawls
16. Othello – Trip To The City (unreleased)
17. Dela – SP Jawn (unreleased)
18. 14KT – The Meaning
19 14KT – T&A
20. Baatin – Magic (Instrumental)
21. Kooley High – Kooley Is High
22. Pete Rock – One Life To Live (Instrumental)
23. DJ Cam Quartet – Rebirth of Cool
24. Gagle – Love Note (Seoul City Remix)
25. 20Syl – Unreleased
26. 20Syl – Unreleased
27. Reflection Eternal – Love Speakeasy
28. Common – Come Close Remix
29. Dajla – Interlude
30. Kev Brown – unreleased
31. Freddie Joachim – One More Night
32. Freddie Joachim – Let Go Now
33. Profile – unreleased
34. Freddie Joachim feat. Othello – For Her (Unreleased)
35. Full Crate – She Was Fly feat. Mar

The Find Mag / Mellow Orange / Organology - Bridgework

Fire & Ice

Ever since my initiation into what this crew is about, via M9's High Fidelity, I have yet to be disappointed with any aspect of a single one of this crews releases thus far. Their longplayer's soundscapes are by and large an ode to Boom Baps time of greatness. A supreme collection of beats either taken from, inspired by, or akin to, what many call 'The Golden Age'. But what makes all these releases stand out even more are the constant gems being dropped all over each release. The perils of Gang warfare, terrorism, the 9 to 5, paying the bills, parenthood, education and more are topics that are regularly broken down and dissected for the masses. The latest to step out from such esteemed shadows is Phoenix Da Icefire. Baptism Under Fire follows the aforementioned formula to a tee. It ain't broken and due to the vast back catalogue of golden tinged loveliness they can call upon, and the awesome beatskills of peepz such as Chemo and Beat Butcha, is probably never going to be. As usual, you'll recognised some of the beats on show while others will be on the tip of your tongue (Shazam was no use to me either). Mos Def's Ultramagnetic, ODB's Brooklyn Zoo and Capone N Noreaga's Illegal Life are the most well known of Phoenix's backdrops of choice. In some ways you could say that using such well regarded source material is an obvious Course of action. Yet with the amount of third rate mixtapes doing the rounds these days maybe it isn't. Some more established MCs/crews release albums that are inferior to most mixtapes. These guys release mixtapes that are far superior to most albums. Phoenix is no exception.

p e a c e

Phoenix Da Icefire - Aryan sky

Phoenix Da Icefire - Purple Mist feat. D21

Phoenix Da Icefire - Right Timing (Album Snippets)

Phoenix's Myspace

Ghost Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

I guess this means that the weed up these is as good as the stuff down here. Seeing as I shied away from such activities when my princess entered the world i am unable to comment. But the tunes are niceness though. The quirky sample threw me at first. The DSG mixtape Music For Spaceships, is on it’s way soon. Enjoy!

DSG (Jee4ce & Deezy) – 2 Joints feat. The Auld Reekie Allstars

The Auld Reekie Allstars are: Holmes, Riddlah, Ruff One, Blasfimasinna, Deezy, Madhat, Sinsation, Jee4ce, I-Star & King Response

DSG’s Facebook

RIP Jamie Janes

repat682_905625a Gordon Browns’ integrity is not in question. Anyone with an ounce of common sense, no matter which party you support (with the possible exception of BNP) will not question his inentions. Those same people should however, be taking the sun newspaper to task over their manipulation of a grieving mother and her dead sons memory. The extent to which they attacked the Priminister was simply disgraceful. Attack the policies not the person. 

Then we have Mrs Janes. Here is a woman who clearly was not in any sort of emotional state to react objectively to what was going on and was totally unprepared for the ever expanding snowball that she had created. The editorial powers that be at The Suns head quarters must have damn near caused a tremor with all the jumping for joy they must have been doing.. Little did they know that they would soon be ducking for cover from all the verbal ammunition flying their way. Apparently a neighbour told Mrs Janes to record the telephone conversation. I'm guessing that neighbour happens to have friends in editorial roles at The Sun. Bare in mind the suns interest is not policy driven. They are going to back who they think will win at the next general election.. The problem with that is ultimately it is we the public who will decide.

You can question the morality of The Sun, you can question the practices of the Prime Ministers aides but you cannot question the Intergrity of Gordon Brown on this issue.

p e a c e

Organized Noize

FINALLY!!! My favourite Hip Hop everymen are back with their latest opus. Their sound, courtesy of Zygote & Jazz T still has that feel of regimented, jazz infused cacophonistic greatness (if that makes any sense at all). J-Zone is still hitting sixes (or homers for the US contingent) with the beat he provides for the album. The now established pub regulars Tim Dog and Percee P still know how to get it done. And the Chubbster is still just as witty and crudely insightful as he always was. Yes with Careful On The Way Up, everything is as it should be. Usually I would spout on about evolving with a new release and showing your growth. But so good is the way that these guys go about their Hip Hop that I would probably shed a 'metaphorical' tear if they decided to come through any other way. The superb reminisce inducing beat and back in the day matter of fact lyrics of Back To School (aaah Grange Hill) is enough on its own to keep me going until the next one. But on top of that you've got Tim Dogs good old fashioned verbal tongue lashing on the final verse of NY To The UK. You've also got Blade and D. Gritty showing top form alongside Chubby on the fire that is Three Card Brag. Or you can look to the weed anthem Lifted (fellas, Keith would be proud). The momentum never let's up with deep b-lines, cut and scratch hooks and intermittent jazzy hat crashes a staple throughout. Everything seems to take its cue from these elements and moves along nicely. At only 35 minutes one could argue that its all over too quickly. But I must have pressed the rewind button at least once (and in some cases several times) on every track, so it damn near doubled in length for me. That in itself should tell you all you need to know. Expect the album to drop around Christmas time. until then peep the taster below.

p e a c e

Lifted/Where I'm From/Twelve Steps promo

Buy the single here

so whats the Scenario!?!

SCENARIO potrait

The Empire Strikes Back

Long Haul, Bonecrusher, Hook & the other 2 make...

It seems that sweden is fast becoming a hotbed for Quality Hip Hop. Pajozo, Speech Defect, Up Hygh, Aaron Phiri and now, Beatsmith and turntable maestro DJ Devastate has added his name to the list. Aided by a cocktail of drummers, keyboardist, guitarist and composer, Dev has put together a a collection of superbly crafted beats. A variety of rich meaty drum patterns, deck skills and samples are allied with live instrumentation that takes its cue from a variety of sources. Anyone from Funk, Disco, Jazz, The Blaxploitation era and more can all be found and have been used to great effect. There's an open airy vibe that accompanies but doesn't overpower the albums Hip Hop base. So why, if the beats on show here are indeed that nice, do I still feel a little unfulfilled having just sat right through it? I had never heard of this guy before and you have to admire the fact that he has taken the more difficult route of employing virtually no vocal talent for a debut release. But... As much quality as this album obviously possesses, when it comes to Hip Hop albums, beats minus an MC and to a lesser extent vice versa, can only go so far with needing the other. Its with this in mind that I have to wonder how much more recognition this album would have gotten if Devastate had let some MCs loose over his beats. Peep the proof!

p e a c e

DJ Devastate - The Sound feat. Segerfalk

DJ Devastate - A Days Work feat. Segerfalk & Fredrik Rixman

Movements of the Soul

cee-bekah-fullwords by Kevin;

We’ve been hyping this release for the past month and it is officially ready for download… The Movement Fam & HiPNOTT Records are proud to present Cee & Bekah – The Soul Movement, Vol 3: The Final Chapter, hosted and mixed by Mick Boogie & Terry Urban. Whew… that’s a mouthful, but so is this mixtape. 23 tracks, clocking in at just about 80 minutes long as one continuous mix, including original material as well as Cee & Bekah going in over some of their favorite industry hip hop beats.

and I cosign the niceness (grab volumes 1 and 2 as well)

Cee & Bekah’s Bandcamp page

Submarine Hunting


MC’s take note. You’ll like what Rekka has to offer. Enjoy!

Ruelz Rekka – Red October



Kasha has done what I was hoping somebody on these shores would do and given us our vey own State Of Mind. Yeeeah Man!!! Big up yourself Kash man. And that hook… ooooh that hook… genius. And before anyone mentions it, i know the footwear reps the UK and not Just England. Enjoy!

Empire State Of Mind (England Remix)

Kasha’s Myspace

Unchained Melodies

Marmite, that little brown tub of culinary unrest. We are all very familiar with the old adage, you either love it or hate it. For those in the Hip Hop know, Melodiq also falls into such a catagory. His voice is one that for some, straddles the fine line between dominant and overbearing (think of a Jeru The Damaja and Barack Obama vocal lovechild). I for one however, just about fall on the dominant side of the line. However this conundrum is further deepened by .Mel's at times over simplistic wordplay. This is something that a Q-Tip has at times gotten away with simply because of the charm of his voice. But Melodiq's problem is that his voice is of a type that accentuates these liabilities even more. Hip Hop fans can be fickle SOB's and I fear that the gems that he does drop will be easily overlooked. Yet when he is accompanied by music that's suits his voice, everything clicks very nicely indeed with tracks like Let Your Light Shine, The Next Chapter and The Overseers being prime examples. It's moments like these added to his ear for lovely soulful soundscapes, that makes Straight From The Soul a worthy addition to any Jazz Hop collection.

p e a c e

Straight From The Soul 3 Track Promo

pay Zo! a visit

just visiting too

Look at the list of artists assembled in the FE label. The all round talent on show is bloomin’ awesome. An example of which is this lovely EP from Zo! The talent i’m referring to is here for all to see (or rather hear). Enjoy!

Zo! – Just Visiting EP

haha $5


Kevins latest project from his HiPNOTT Records is MaG & G.C.’s $5 Dollar Cover. The MC producer combo is alive & well. This is niceness. Enjoy!

MaG & G.C. - $5 Dollar Cover