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While he was a UK resident, Lewis Parker built up a double barrelled CV/resume that is awesome in its consistency. This has actually been written while my ipod makes its way through Mr. Parkers entire catalog with half an ear open for a weak beat or couplet here or there but (obviously) found none to speak of. I remember picking up the Masquerades And Silhouettes EP a few times before I actually purchased it. Being a bit of a green horn at the time i hadn't actually heard of Lewis before yet something was telling me to make the purchase. What I was treated to drew me into UK Hip Hop (I'm not afraid to admit) and I haven't looked back from that day to this. Now of course he hangs his hat across the pond (Ghostface and Dynas will tell you) and after the superb Mixtape: Volume One we get hit with a 1 2 combo. His own latest opus 'The Puzzle/Episode One/The Big Game' & River Nelson's 'The Rise And Fall Of....' And the connection between the two? Both are entirely produced by the man himself. The trademark dusty drums and chopped, obscure, off kilter samples are still the bedrock of what takes Lewis from good to great. For anyone that remembers the re runs of any of those old school 70's TV and cinema shows (or even when they were originally shown) listening to some of Lewis' beats will 'take you there'. Lyrically he seems to have stepped up his game since he first embarked on his american dream. As a foil, River has some abrasive words and can fire of plenty of syllables but is laid back with his delivery, so you can easily pick up what he has to say. With many of todays releases it is easy to disregard the MC's flow and contend youself with snapping your neck to the pops and whistles that are served up as beats. They key to albums such as these is as good as the beats are, they never compromise the presence of the MC. Lewis Parker and River Nelson have put together a perfect case in point.

p e a c e

Lewis Parker - Man Up! feat Dynas

River Nelson - Rise & Fall feat. Panama

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