he doesn turn Trix, he Flips 'em

I remember once hearing a boxing critic saying "any undercard who truly deserves his chance won't stay an undercard for long". The logic may be slightly flawed but it's essence is correct. Those who put the work in are the ones most likely to reap the rewards. If you've ever been to a live UK Hip Hop showcase or club night, the chances are that the name Fliptrix was scrawled somewhere on the second or third row on the flyer. Think of an Amir Khan (or Floyd Mayweather for the US heads) saturday night undercard. Kashmere, Foreign Beggars, Jehst and Verb T are just a few of those who have taken a breather in the dj booth while Flip has been doing his thing. Said undercard status is more than likely to change once Theory Of Rhymes hits stores. Ably backed by Jehst, Kashmere, Verb T (in some cases both in the booth and behind the boards), Flip gives his take on London life and the morality that can go with it. Easily weaving between the staccato flow of Deep Set Thoughts to the atmospheric head nods of Dream Coat and Own Zone, Flip shows the versatility nesseccary for anyone wishing to get a foothold in the scene today. But don't think he doesn't take care of the business that is letting the neighsayers know how good an MC he is. A very solid debut that is sure to propel Fliptrix on to bigger things. Undercard? Not anymore!

p e a c e

Own Zone/Turn Of Phrase/Madness/My Soul: Promo mix

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