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As you may have noticed, I don't have 'thing' for big name artists on this sight. The Jay-Z's and Lil Waynes of this world get so much promo from some of my blogging brothers and sisters that little old me is never going to create and great lift or dent in these guys units sales. It wasn't even a concious decision its just the way things worked out. My usual modus operandi when I first get alerted to new music is to skip through about 10 seconds of the first few tracks. I will then add it to my ipod and my first impressions during those few seconds usually determine (sunconciously) how long it takes for me to listen to an album from start to finish. Thus to give the up and comers that little extra bit of shine for providing us with great music is what myself and Mr. Mischief (yes he does exist, eezzee chiefy!) Are all about. As such I have always given a mention and a little paragraph of props to many an album (besides the reviews) since starting out in the blog game. Sometimes I have given such a paragraph to music that deserves a lot more than that. Chris Barz has created such an album with 'Class[sickz] Out The Dark. I will make the immediately obvious comparison (obvious to me anyway) both in sound and vocal style but only becaause this is an album that in my view is easily worthy of such company. Lupe Fiasco! Although I would says Class[sickz] is a lot more Food And Liquor than The Cool with its overall sound, it is such a great piece of work that there is a case to be made for Chris Barz to be given the kind of shine that lupe was afforded with his first effort. Creativity, quirkyness, charisma, variety and a sense of fun are in abundance and allied with Chris' obvious technical ability, although the slight drawl to his flow makes for a more accessible listen. I get a sense that, in a way, Chris' is holding a little back for his next outing. Whereas someone like the Clipse for example, seem a little at pains to stray from the roots of crack references (and for the record, I do love the way they get down), Class[sickz] seems to be merely acting as an introduction into Chris' world. I am still somewhat incredulous that music of this quality is free and an immense big up must go out to Best Kept Secret who on this evidence has chosen the perfect moniker for himself. Surely somewher someone with a little pull in certain circles is listening to this and seeing just how good this guy is. I hope that he gets his radio play and the recognition that comes with it and things kick on from there. I suspect that he won't and it will be left to people such as myself to keep on spreading the word. 

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Chris Barz - On The Radio (She Crazy) feat. Tabi Bonney

Download Class[sickz] Out The Dark

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