Freeness is the way of the walk


Starving Artist feat. Dumbfounded

Jazzercise 2: Shake Dat J-Azz

Download Elevator Music Album

What does it say about Three of my five favourite albums or mixtapes since the turn of the year are free downloads. All three of them are far more consistent listens than the hit and miss nature of most of 2009’s payable releases. But apart from the fact that any Jazz Hop fan worth their weight should go and grab the album above ASAP. Never mind the fact the Elevator Music is among the best music ive heard since this time last year (although the guys in the pic above would rather you didn’t). The larger question is what does this say about the current state of mainstream releases. It says that by and large (bar a few exceptions) they are formulaic, lackadaisical & lacking in originality. Something that the 3 releases highlighted here, have in abundance. So if you haven’t already, get familiar. Enjoy!










Funky DL – Back to Frank

Chris Barz – Class[sickz] From The Dark

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