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Diversion Tactics-Careful On The Way Up

I actually reviewed Diversion Tactics latest project a couple of months ago. But since it has actually just been released ,considering my man Aiden has a great interview with them over at his place and considering how nice it is, I thought i would give it the reup tretment.

FINALLY!!! My favourite Hip Hop everymen are back with their latest opus. Their sound, courtesy of Zygote & Jazz T still has that feel of regimented, jazz infused cacophonistic greatness (if that makes any sense at all). J-Zone is still hitting sixes (or homers for the US contingent) with the beat he provides for the album. The now established pub regulars Tim Dog and Percee P still know how to get it done. And the Chubbster is still just as witty and crudely insightful as he always was. Yes with Careful On The Way Up, everything is as it should be. Usually I would spout on about evolving with a new release and showing your growth. But so good is the way that these guys go about their Hip Hop that I would probably shed a 'metaphorical' tear if they decided to come through any other way. The superb reminisce inducing beat and back in the day matter of fact lyrics of Back To School (aaah Grange Hill) is enough on its own to keep me going until the next one. But on top of that you've got Tim Dogs good old fashioned verbal tongue lashing on the final verse of NY To The UK. You've also got Blade and D. Gritty showing top form alongside Chubby on the fire that is Three Card Brag. Or you can look to the weed anthem Lifted (fellas, Keith would be proud). The momentum never let's up with deep b-lines, cut and scratch hooks and intermittent jazzy hat crashes a staple throughout. Everything seems to take its cue from these elements and moves along nicely. At only 35 minutes one could argue that its all over too quickly. But I must have pressed the rewind button at least once (and in some cases several times) on every track, so it damn near doubled in length for me. That in itself should tell you all you need to know. Expect the album to drop around Christmas time. until then peep the taster below.

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Diversion Tactics Interview

Lifted/Where I'm From/Twelve Steps promo

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