something Special

When your catalogue to date is as critically acclaimed as Ty's is, you have to wonder if it gets any easier to keep producing the goods. And to do it while ever-so-slightly pushing the boundaries in his own unique way? That takes a 'Special Kind Of Fool'. Yeah yeah cheesy intro I know but the sentiments it represents are spot on. Ty has a happy knack of delivering one quality genre stretching album after another. Let's cut to the chase, Ty's albums are never born in the conventional mould but it manages to alienate no one. Whether your a Hip Hop fiend or your new boyfriend/girlfriend is only just introducing you to the ways of the force, this is an easy pick up and the lighthearted vibe will offend nobody. With that said, I dare any so called 'real head' not to break a neck to these beats. As good as most albums are. You have to have a taste for that branch of the genre to appreciate its niceness (I've never really been a Master P fan but he lives a life of luxury for a reason). I think that Special Kind Of Fool is an album that easily goes beyond that with the airy melodic production being the reason. The Ty and Drew parnership shows no sign of a creativity crises any time soon and the choice of guests MC's and vocalists is spot on. Sway especially steals the scene on Heart Is Breaking and I must have had Falling on repeat for about half an hour (no exaggeration) when it first hit my ears. The drum pattern and sounds are a masterstroke. That may be my standout but it's a standout on an insanely original album that should be pushed until the money runs out... And then pushed some more. Any MC can spit as much superfluous fire as they like but in my view the best are at their best when they are letting us in. So after all my (possibly overindulgent) praise of this album, it is simply the ups, downs and whatever comes in between, of the man's life put on CD/download. Special Kind Of Fool is the most satisfiying listen i've had for a long time. Bloody awesome!

p e a c e

Special Kind Of Fool: promo mix

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