New Antiheroes video and a chat with Lee Scott

Man,powdered fucking water, brilliant illness.

[Lee Scott]Thanks g, where the fuck are u nowadays anyway

new zealand place called glenorchy where they all like riding horses.

[Lee Scott]oh slick how is it

mountainous with farms, lakes. Very quiet, it has a population of like...400
locals = nut jobs

[Lee Scott]
like the place we shot the video
in switzerland

its mad u shot that in switzerland, how did that come about?

[Lee Scott]my boy lives out there, the dude who started blah with me back in liverpool in 06, he now lives in switzerland, well he's from there, he works for the biggest studio in swiss, in europe actually

so he shot the video? or he hooked you up with a director?

[Lee Scott]produced it, hooked the directors etc that crop field is literally 2 seconds from his door

2 seconds? haha shiiiit. nice, nice, the video is mad different from anything ive seen before.

[Lee Scott]no shit u walk out his doorturn left and there it is

what crops are they? is that where weet-abix come from? weet-a-bix crops?

[Lee Scott] think so yeah think they was shredded wheat crops

shredded wheat is decent, but i'd rather bump powdered water than eat them shits
so mensah did the beat?

[Lee Scott] molotov

oh yeah, mensah gets a shout out, molotov yeah, wheres that dude from? im interested in checking more of his ish

[Lee Scott]he's from switzerland, he dont have anythin out tho, i mean he done some shit for skinnyman way back, like some remix shit, but nothin out yet.
trust he's got an album on the way....he's mad stealthy, hes been doin it since he was twelve.

Ah, I see, so whats next for the antiheroes?
EP? LP? cus its been mad long waiting for this release

[Lee Scott]dunoo man to be honest but yo his (Molotov) album so far... ft roc marciano, young zee, pacewon, gdp, craig g, prince po, planet asia, sean price, rustee juxxx, d-stroy, phil da agony and loads i know ive missed
oh and the dude from fu shnickens

whaaaaat?....damn this sounds mighty fucken tasty is it all mad under wraps?
like hush hush shit

[Lee Scott]yeah hush hush shhhh shit lol

so nothing set in stone for the antiheroes then?

[Lee Scott]nothing really, salar is living in london right now
i'm still squatting in runcorn, salar got a few solo tracks in the studio that have yet to be heard

right right, still cold saggin?

[Lee Scott]never stopped, cold sag stoned swag, a way of life

for sure ha. oh yeah, macabre brothers 2nd lp? did i dream about that or is it real?

[Lee Scott]it is very real, working on a seperate deal for that one right now though, trust me that shit is dumb. gonzo lyricism! featuring craig g, ramson badbonez and the cotd click, production from hekla of squid ninjaz, me, sly moon, reklews and more
too many tracks, i listened to it for the first time right through last week in the studio. i forgot about half of it, it's my favourite album ever.

wow, release date?

[Lee Scott]still not sure, as i said still workin on a deal for that one, it's not going to be coming out on blah
we got some christmas give away though, mcabre got like 200 songs in the vaults

wow, ok, so theres always some shit in the pipeline then.....200 tracks? fuck man. u never sleeping i guess haha

[Lee Scott]were going to put a free download ep up for christmas to say thanks to everyone for showing us so much support! mcabre christmas!
yeah no doubt, i got another EP I recorded in york, just slamming out another deal for that one with a friend up in scotland, killin it!
i can't say too much about this ep yet as far as guest spots as were still working on the last track for it, but its going to be fire! produced by myself and maximus quackhandle who is a good friend of mine and helped me put out 2 albums in the past, always been there behind the scenes helpin out. basically i hitched to york sagged out and made some einstein shit.
its called peppered moth soup

damn, theres alot going on,im excited

[Lee Scott]man, thats not really half of it
we got reklews - rekstrumentals vol. 1 which is basically just a collection of beats from various projects rek has been involved in plus some exclusive joints. bill shakes - for goodness shakes ep produced by reklews and myself. monster/hekla got an album i think its called monster's ink, the shit is bananas! then monster got another project he's working on with dutchmaster j or astonishing jonathon for those die hard damned heads! and the man super dertie, straight money shit! nonchelant money moon funk shit. grubbs steadily building some shit too. no doubt i will probably bang out some more shit too. were addicts man!

fuuuuuck, so the whole clique be holdin tight. astonishing jonathon is the dude with the mad voice?

[Lee Scott] thats probably barebase your thinking of

ah, barebase, wheres he at?i wanna hear some shit from him too

[Lee Scott]barebase is the man, he's featured on the mcabre lp, as is astonishing or dutchmaster j as he now goes by
barebase will one day pop up with the greatest album you ever heard, but he's a real real wordsmith and perfectionist with his writing, eventually his album will drop and jeeeez its over

oh no....over...? what happens when its over though? i

[Lee Scott]blue screen, then we start again

hahaha, fucken blue screen, make a track about the blue screen, that can signify it being over

[Lee Scott]man so much shit i forget about half of it
im pretty sure ive missed some other stuff too

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